What’s Wrong with Gratitude?

We all must know what gratitude is and why we should be grateful. There is not a single event on the face of the earth that would have happened without Rahman and His Womb.

The wind that blows, the raindrops, and the fall of the leaves do not escape the affection of Allah SWT. The wind blows the clouds to the highlands that eventually produce rain, raindrops give life to the arid soil to grow crops that benefit humans. The fall of the leaves also looks trivial but actually beneficial for the tree itself in the process of disbursement.

But like ordinary people who sometimes forget, we often forget the word “Grateful”. We are in a fog when we lose money but we forget to be grateful for our lives that are still sufficient. We are disappointed and moody when we study at a school or university that is not the best school or university but we forget that there are still many people out there who do not get an education.

The above is just an example that causes us to be grateful. Because if we runut Allah SWT’s favor on us then to calculate the favor that lies on our body alone, we will not be able to count it. Eyes that can see, noses that can breathe air, ears that can hear, mouths that can talk, teeth that can chew, up to saliva that can pulverize food. Allah SWT so detail gives us pleasure but we easily forget it and think of it as something natural we get.

If it is like, when someone brings a white paper and shows it to us and asks what this is, surely we will answer with confidence that it is a white paper. But when someone made a black dot on the paper, asking what is this? Surely of us will all answer that it’s a black dot and very few of us say it’s a white paper. Whereas the white and black parts on the paper are more white parts but still most of us will say that it is a black dot.

That is human beings, who are faster and inclined to see the difficulties and sufferings that Allah SWT gives us even though it is little more than the blessings that Allah SWT bestows on us in infinite numbers.

So it is true the word of Allah SWT which reads:“Then which of your Lord’s blessings do you deny? “in sura Al-Rahman verse 13. Because often we deny God’s abundant favors on us.

Let’s start from now on we are grateful for what we have rather than busy regretting what we haven’t had. In fact, what God has not entrusted to us is either wealth, knowledge, beauty, position or whatever, because God is suspending it or will replace it with a better one. Because the fact that Allah SWT gives what we need is not what we want.

That gratitude is the most soothing endeavor and with gratitude then we will be far from envious, spiteful, prejudiced and hopeless. Because Allah SWT is late to promise in his love verses for us, namely

“If you give thanks, I will give you my blessing, and if you are ungrateful, then surely My punishment will be painful.” Ibrahim [14] : 7).