>> Why can ants defeat elephants?

By: Al Jupri, M.Sc. *

“Papah, Papah… Mamah ask disuapin dong maemnya?” whining a wife to her husband very spoiled, during a romantic and romantic dinner.

“I don’t want to ah, Papah dong disuapin ….” said the husband, deliberately a little tempting wife who is very dear to him.

Just snapped, the wife frowned, with slightly more lips—but looked elegant.

“Mmm…. Yes deh, ntar Papah suapin, but we suit (finger fight) first. If Mama wins, Papah bribes. Well, if Papah wins, mama’s the nyuapin… How?“so finally the husband gave a simple offer, in order to please his wife who was a little pouting [Even though it was just pretending, just showing his pampering to the husband he loved so much].

So, the suit was done.

Papah: “Horeeeeeee Papah menaaaaang….”

The wife is getting frowned upon. But, he didn’t lose his mind.

Mamah: “How to win? Papah was pake little finger, mamah pake thumb! Mamah dong who won!”

Papah: “Iiih, Mamah how the hell? That’s the rule: ants can defeat elephants.”

Mamah: “What is the evidence that ants can defeat elephants?”

Papah: “Yes, ants can enter the ears of elephants, later the elephant is bitten…”

Mamah: “I can’t… it never happened!”

The husband is confused. Various ways are done to make his wife happy, with seduction and kisses, even try to feed his wife. But honey, the wife doesn’t want to. The wife is ashamed, because her suit lost, she should have fed her beloved husband.

Mamah: “Ok, I’ll lose if Papah can prove mathematically that ants can defeat elephants! In addition, I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to nyuapin Papah!”

So snapped the wife. He left the food in front of him. While the husband was confused, he thought how to convince his wife—who was a scholar (education) of mathematics. Until, finally the husband found his way of “proof”.

Papah: “Mamah, Mamah… Papah can prove it!”

Mamah: “How? Don’t talk about Papaaaaah, where’s the proof? If Papah can not prove, Papah must nyuapin Mamah …”

Then immediately the husband took a pencil and paper. And here is “proof” that “ants” can defeat “elephants”.

Suppose the weight of the elephant is x, the weight of the ant is y, and the second amount of weight of the creature is 2z. Therefore, we can write as follows: x + y = 2z.

From the equation, we get x = – y + 2z or x – 2z = – y. By using these equations and a little “manipulation” of algebra, it is obtained x – z = y – z or x = y.

So, the weight of ants is the same as the weight of an elephant.

This time, the wife was flabbergasted. But still few think, do not believe one hundred percent about the evidence!

Papah: “Well, because the weight of ants is the same as the weight of an elephant, as well as ants can enter the ears of elephants, then it is conceivable, how sick the ant bite is until the elephant loses and asks for forgiveness to the ants! So Mamaaaaah….”

Mamah: “Ah, papah’s proof something’s wrong… Anyway Mamah asked disuapin!!!”

Finally, in order to please the wife, the husband relented. In the end they fed each other. 🙂

Special Note: this article was written specifically for my wife, the most beautiful human being in the world, the person I care about very much. Hopefully this becomes a longing remedy among us—s separated thousands of kilometers away. I do miss you Mamaaah… I do love you Mamaaaaah…. :*:*:*

*The author is studying a Ph.D at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.