>> Get to know BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ More Closely

Here are some things about UPI’s Bem Himatika ‘Identika’

UPI’s Himatika ‘Identika’ emblem


UPI’s ‘Identika’ Himatika Symbol Deskrispsi

Upi’s Himatika ‘Identika’ symbol consists of several sections that have the following meanings:

  1. The two conrucient triangles and the circle arc mean to have similar steps, objectives and ideals, do not discriminate against tribes and generations and are based on the Tri Dharma Of Higher Education.
  2. Jangka is a member of HIMATIKA ‘Identika’ UPI who is always flexible, responsive and plays an active role in innovation, education and is able to apply disciplines in all fields in order to build science and technology.
  3. The symbol does not mean that members of UPI’s Himatika ‘Identika’ are always forward-looking and insightful in all copyrights and works in accordance with the disciplines pursued.
  4. Curly braces are members of UPI’s Himatika ‘Identika’ assembled in a dynamic, robust, and integrated container.
  5. Kujang means that UPI’s Himatika ‘Identika’ organization is in the middle of the social life of West Java.
  6. The paper“Mathematics Student Association ‘Identika’ Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia” isthe name of the organization.

Hymne Himatika ‘Identika’ UPI

O friends of all

Sluruh residents of Himatika

Let’s get together

Promise for brothers

We’re always healthy.

As an eternal companion

Help each other to be independent

For the sake of the future

Our love and sorrow

Let’s reguk together

No desperate

Have a happy time