Saresehan Indo MS Jabar, Banten, and DKI Jakarta

On February 16, 2013, IndoMS Pusat, IndoMS West Java, Banten, and Jakarta worked with the Department of Mathematics Education of the University of Indonesia to hold a meeting and discussion on IndoMS Regional activities. The event was attended by the administrators of Central IndoMS, IndoMS West Java, Banten, and Jakarta as well as the Head of The Department/Head of Mathematics Study Program, Mathematics Education, Statistics and Computer Science PTN and PTS in West Java, Banten, and Jakarta.

This activity includes several events, including:

1. Competency Based Curriculum Exposure by Dr. Megawati Santoso

2. Election of IndoMS Chairman of Jabar, Banten, and DKI Jakarta Period 2013 – 2014

The new administrators for the period 2013 – 2014 are:

Chairman : Alhadi (UI)

Vice Chair of Mathematics: Hary (IPB)

Vice Chairman of Pend. Mathematics: Dadang Juandi (UPI)

Secretary: Tri Murdianto (UNJ)

Treasurer: Hepsi (Untirta)

3. Curriculum Exposure 4 (four) Courses

Mathematics : Dr. Agus Yodi G, M.Si.
Pend. Mathematics : Dr. Dadang Juandi, M.Si.
Statistics : Dr. Hari Wijayanto
Computer Science : Dr. Atje Setiawan A, M.Si.,M.Kom.

4. Competency Based Curriculum Discussion is associated with KKNI.