Al-Khwarizmi: Father of Algebra

AlgebraIc Field of Expertise (KBK) Group, Department of Mathematics Education, on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 has held a meeting. There were two agendas at the meeting. First, discuss the lecture syllabus of Algebra Structure I. Second, discuss about the book “A History of Algebra“–specifically for the meeting that discussed about the father of algebra, namely Al-Khwarizmi and his works.

For the first agenda, Dra’s mother. Dian Usdiyana, M.Si presented the syllabus of Algebra Structure I course based on the applicable curriculum. From the results of discussions with other lecturers in this KBK there are some constructive inputs. For example, in this lecture it is necessary to emphasize the relationship between topics from various courses (Example: the topic of function in calculus lectures with its use in the course Algebra Structure I).

For the second agenda, Mr. Al Jupri, S.Pd., M.Sc., explained about the Muslim mathematician known as the father of algebra, namely Al-Khwarizmi and his works–either in mathematics or other fields. More details about al-Khwarizmi can be seen in the presentation slides that can be clicked here, just click yes!