Mathematics Serve

Mathematics Serve

Community Service (PPM) is a program that facilitates students and lecturers to jump directly in solving community problems, it is regulated by the Department of Mathematics Education and organized by BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ UPI, this PPM activity takes place from September 14-23, 2019. Located in Gunung Halu Kec.Gunung Halu Kab.Bandung Barat Village, ppm activity is chaired by Muhammad Agus Hermawan and   with the theme ‘Maju for Newer Indonesia’ which focuses on eco mathematics activities. In ppm this time there are several activities carried out including the following



The opening of the event was held after the committee and participants of PPM reached Gunung Halu Village, the opening of the event was held at the Office of Gunung Halu Village Hall, as well as activities held including Tilawah, The Chief Executive’s Welcome, the Chairman’s Speech, the Ministry Chairman’s Welcome, the Danramil Welcome, the Village Chief’s Welcome, the Camat’s welcome, and the Prayer for the activities in Gunung Halu Village.


Teaching and Teaching

It is a teaching activity for children ranging from kindergarten to  located in RA Assalam, this activity is divided into the first two teaching the second to study in saung ajar, teaching activities are held in the morning from 07.00-10.00 while saung ajar is held at 13.00-15.30 these two activities take place for 7 days from 15 – 22 August. Activities include watching movies, kaulinan barudak, learning English, making skills, sports, morning gymnastics, prayer hapalan, prayer and others. Here’s a photo of the fun during these two activities.


Gotong Royong

Gotong Royong this time was held with the villagers of Mount Halu around the village hall and around the post that has been placed. The garbage that accumulates is a result of the lack of awareness of the residents towards garbage and the absence of available bins. Therefore, Gotong Royong was held to make the village environment clean and healthy.


Independence ceremony

Independence Day is the day of independence of the Indonesian nation from colonialism and officially Indonesia becomes a unitary state that has rights and obligations in the eyes of the United Nations. In honor of the hero’s service, it is held  Independence Ceremony that coincides with ppm activity this time, the ceremony of ppm participants this time held in Gunung Halu village precisely redpanged, participants of this ceremony include ppm committee and gunung halu villagers, with officers from paskibra gunung halu sub-district, the event took place with respect and wisdom.



Free examination conducted in PPM this time in the form of acupuncture conducted by a lecturer, Dr.H. Endang Cahya MA, M.Si. at Gunung halu Village Hall, here are photos of the event


Math Games

Math games is a math event based on post to post games designed in such a way that it is easy for children to understand and become a fun learning facility, math games this time held in Gunung Halu Village with participants of children of the surrounding elementary school. Each child is divided into several teams and must complete all existing posts quickly. This event was a success and festive because the children were very enthusiastic and quick in completing the task given by kaka kaka committee.


Green action

Green action is an activity carried out with two stages, namely watering and practice in the field. In the company is given how to manage waste ranging from, distinguishing waste, recycling to applying the principle of zero waste. phase two we practice lapagan namely biopori while socializing how to use it. Here’s a photo of our activity


Race to commemorate Independence

Celebrating the anniversary of independence is an obligation to be carried out, this time ppm participants and coral cadets shoulder to shoulder preparing for the 74th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, PPM participants and citizens also actively participated in the competition, along with a photo of the fun of the 17th race


Teacher Seminar

The main program of PPM this time is a teacher seminar, this activity is an Eco-Mathematics themed study delivered by Prof. Dr. H. Nanang Priatna, M. Pd. As a professor in the Department of Mathematics Education. This activity took place suskes with the participants of teachers who attended about 40 people and lecturers who attended about 20 people, along with photos of the event activities


Socialization of PTN

In order to improve the quality of students continue their education level to the lecture bench is a thing that should be realized for that ppm program this time held the socialization of PTN precisely at al-fatah foundation, here is a photo of ptn socialization activities mentioned


Cheap Food

Social activities carried out by PPM this time in the form of selling cheap food to the financially disadvantaged villagers who have been recorded before, The price given is very cheap in contrast to the existing market price, this activity is carried out in two hamlets namely hamlet one and two gunung halu villages, this activity runs smoothly and orderly.


After nine days of   service in gunung halu village, difficult, sad, happy, and happy we have felt, sweet sour bitter life on mount halu has become a learning for us as participants and panitai PPM. Shortly before our departure back to the lecture, we said goodbye to the villagers of gunung halu, the atmosphere was unstoppable by us and the villagers some of us cried and so the villagers   even children.

We held a closing ceremony right in front of the village hall office. A few words from ppm chief executive, BEM chairman, lecturer, and Village Head became a supply that we had to hold firm when in our normal lives again. The message that berhagra, good habits, until the knowledge that we can be a good experience for us, thank you PPM thank you Gunung Halu Village.